There is definitely a really comfortable cushion within the camera industry between the cameras that are extremely expensive and only for the highest of professionals like the RED Dragon type of camera as well as the Arri type of film cameras that only really the Hollywood production companies are using for the most part, and I think that most people don’t need to spend that type of money on their camera equipment just because that is not necessarily what they are into or have the budgets for, and so there are definitely a bunch of other cameras that are a lot more affordable for everyone to purchase, and for people who are just looking to do some photography and not so much of videography then there definitely are a bunch of options that we have been going over in some of our previous articles we talked about the angle box. Now that we are in our last installment of this list of articles and blogs on this site we are sure going to help you out as much as we can as we keep going into the best cameras out on the market today and we are sure that we are going to be able to provide you with some information that will definitely help you out as you pick out your next camera purchase, and that is exactly what we are trying to do because we want to make sure that we help as many people as possible out in their next camera purchases and we are sure that the products that we have featured are definitely the best cameras out today and that is definitely very useful information because you might as well get the best if you are going to get something that is naturally expensive.

So the next camera that we are going to be talking about is the Leica Q and this is the type of camera that a lot of the time gets overlooked by some of the other bigger brands in the camera industry, but you should not get fooled by not purchasing this camera because it definitely has a really great, full sized sensor that will give it a huge difference for your pictures a big edge over a bunch of other cameras. Another really epic feature about this camera is that it shoots in 24 megapixels, which isn’t the best but it still is really good and of course will help you out a bunch just getting clarity and crystal clear images digitally. I think one of the most awesome features of this camera is that it can shoot ten frames per second, which is a really awesome speed for a camera of this price because this type of frame rate will definitely help you out a bunch in action shot moments and other moments in which continuous shooting is necessary.

The next camera that we are going to talk about as one of the best cameras on the market is the Nikon D7200, and this is the type of camera that most people would recommend because it is the name brand in Nikon and it definitely is really big and looks cool in general, and of course it is definitely a really great DSLR that will get the job done no matter what you are trying to accomplish, but of course you are going to be shooting in 1080 resolution in terms of video and so the next camera that we are going to talk about might be a better video option for you.
The JVC GY is definitely an awesome, super cheap and versatile 4K camera that is going to get the job done and allow you to use all types of lenses on it while also just getting the most of what you need in video in terms of ND filters as well as a lot of other functions that will get everything that you would possibly need for a feature length movie production, which this camera can definitely help out a lot with.

4k Camera

So throughout all of these articles about the best cameras out on the market we have definitely been talking about some really cool, really new technology that is coming out in the field of photography and video making, and I think that for the most part when we start to get into things like this it can definitely get really complicated if you don’t necessarily know all that much about photography and cameras, but that is exactly why we are here. You see, we aren’t just associating this article and the rest of this content on this site just for people who are expert photographers and people with a bunch of experience because we know that a lot of people are just trying to get started with photography and filmmaking and we want to make sure that you guys still make the right choice and get your careers and hobbies off to a great start by choosing the right camera that will help you get to where you want to be in the future with your content that you are trying to create.

I think that for the most part all of us want to create really great content but sometimes we definitely get held back by the constraints that are put on us by the types of cameras, or lack thereof that we have, and that isn’t fair because in today’s times we have a bunch of really affordable cameras that are absolutely amazing, so if you are the type of person who is looking to purchase a new camera then you definitely have come to the right list of articles because we have been talking about the best cameras out on the market right now and we are also going to switch everything up as well and do things a little bit differently than how things used to be, which is really crazy but of course who actually cares all that much because as long as you are getting some really good content through your camera that is all that matter in the long run, right? So without any further hesitation let’s start talking more about the best cameras out on the market.

So the next really epic camera that we are going to be talking about is definitely the type of camera that is primarily used for filmmakers and for video because it is not necessarily the type of camera that you use for stills barely at all, but that is part of what makes it such an epic camera, and we are talking about the Black magic Ursa Mini, and this is definitely a really smaller version of some of the other cameras from Blackmagic and of course it still has the same capabilities as the bigger version of the Ursa but still this one is just a little bit easier to hold and carry for filmmakers everywhere. It’s definitely a really epic camera that can shoot in 4K resolution and give you professional looking shots all over the place, and this is definitely something that we should consider because when it comes to shooting a movie you are going to have to make it in 4K for the most part because that is kind of the standard about what is happening around the world in general, and I know that when it comes down to it we are definitely going to have to consider a lot of different things because making movies is definitely really fun but it isn’t something that we should take all that seriously because it is just for fun until there is a bunch of money and problems involved and then we are sometimes in a little bit of a bind but of course when you have a camera like this everything is all good and you shouldn’t have much to worry about at least on the camera end of things.

Another really epic 4K camera that is out on the market now is the Canon XC10, and for the most part Canon does not have that many 4K cameras but this 4K camera is definitely pretty epic and can still get you really anything that you would want it to in terms of filmmaking, and it is a relatively small as well so you never really know exactly when you are going to be punching in and doing things like that so when you use a camera like this you can be pretty confident that you are using one of the best cameras in the market.

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Camera Standards

Now for the most part I think a lot of us understand that when we start to talk about cameras there definitely is a lot that we can talk about because there have been a ton of new advancements in the camera world in recent years and I think that for the most part we need to keep considering the facts that we have to maintain ourselves and our content as filmmakers and photographers with the standards of the industries and how much we can really get out of the new technologies that are brought about every so often, and it is true that for a lot of people it is really expensive to keep up with all of the technology and things like that but then on the other hand I don’t think we have seen a better time to purchase camera equipment because in today’s times we are seeing that cameras and lenses, although they are definitely still expensive, they are extremely useful and really good quality for not a fortune, so even though all the equipment is still pretty expensive it could be a lot worse, and because it could be a lot worse that means today’s times are actually really good and awesome in general because we are starting to see people become from all over and all walks of life become more and more involved with photography and videography just on their own doing their own things.

I think that this is actually really important because these days we are seeing that more people are getting into cameras and photography in general, and for the most part this is just a hobby for people but of course they are able to buy such great equipment that it is actually becoming more of a profession for more and more people and that is definitely something that we should all consider because as we progress into the future the best cameras in the world that are affordable are going to get better and better and that is only going to up the standards that everyone has for content, and of course it is going to more easily allow people to get really awesome content which is an exciting thing to think about. So for all of these articles we are talking about the best cameras out today and so far we have talked about a bunch of really cool cameras, and we are going to continue this discussion about the best cameras right now so that you can have a better idea of the best cameras on the market and be able to make a more informed decision on your next camera purchase, and obviously get a really good camera in the process.

So of course it always kind of depends on what you are looking to do with your camera that makes it the best type of camera available for you, but if you are looking to more than likely just do still photography and some video then the Sony RX100 III is definitely a really good, mirrorless camera that will definitely give you a lot of clarity and resolution in your images. It has around 20 megapixels in the sensor and the sensor size is 1 inch, which is pretty steady but of course you are going to want to use this camera for a bunch of fun times when you are just out and about and it definitely is just a really good every day camera to take around with you like a real professional would do, and so for the most part this camera is actually something that a lot of people should consider to be the type of camera that they would like to have just in general, and that is why it comes in this list as one of the best cameras out on the market today.

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Cameras Are More Than Toys


Cameras are not toys and should be reserved for professional situations. For instance I was hired to shoot a fashion campaign for a big label in Los Angeles. The shoot took three days and required fifteen models. I had three assistants and the shoot itself took over fifty hours not including the time it took to edit. With one hundred looks that needed to be shot and fifteen images that needed to be ready for that workbook and also to send two magazines and private vendors the pressure was really on for this job. We shot throughout the day and the night bringing models in and out always changing the background of the setting in order to match them to the clothes that we were trying on. It is important when you are shooting in a professional setting to always have a camera that is reliable and dependable and that will shoot under any sort of conditions. The worst thing that can happen to you on professional job is to show up ready to shoot and have your equipment failing when there are so many people that are getting paid to be there and the people who are paying for the shoot will be losing money every second that goes by where you were messing with your camera.

For this reason it is important that you have a camera that is powerful and shoots great images but is also dependable with superior mechanics so it does not jam up. This is also a very good reason to have a very strong working knowledge of your camera and to be able to take it apart and know what everything goes as well as put it back together again. Most people do not know how their cameras work and then if something goes wrong especially out in the field or on a job but they do not know what to do and they have to cancel the job or not take any photos. This also will drive up cost for repair where you have to waste a lot of money going to repair shop to see what is wrong with your camera. This is also very good reason to always have a backup camera just in case something goes wrong. It is part of your professional reputation to always be prepared and have the necessary equipment to do the job no matter what.

But the Canon is such a dependable and reliable camera that people that are shooting movies have shot entire films on it without needing a backup camera ever. The cannon is both powerful and easy to use and even if you are a novice you will find that it is very simple and direct to use the camera and to get great looking shot on automatic mode every time. But if you are shooting an automatic mode know that you are only using one tenth of what the camera can do. If you’re just getting into photography that doesn’t mean that you need to use a cheap camera but you should definitely take the time and spend money and energy to take classes in order to know not related the fundamentals and basics of Photography but also know your camera inside and out. This is what will set you apart and then your images apart from the rest and from the amateurs who about taking the time to do this. Once you have mastered the basics of your camera you should then go about making a portfolio of images of all different kinds of images so that you have a breadth of work to show two vendors who want to hire you.

Lens Are Key

Cameras are a relatively new technology only having been around for less than a hundred and fifty years but already they have moved from the realm of the rare and special to the ubiquitous and the mundane and as every single camera phone inside this everyone’s pocket is able to snap and filter and process images in a way that only was available to professionals only very recently. But let’s discuss some of our favorite cameras and talk about how they work and how to best use them. The favorite camera of mine that is the most versatile and also the one that is the most powerful and can get the most number of different kinds and qualities of images is the Canon Mark 5 S II which is the gold standard for shooting stills and also for video as well. The line between still photography and video photography has been further decimated in recent years because the cameras are so powerful and the memories so small and so available that it is easy and straightforward to film video where before you could always shoot still photographs. The cannon is extremely powerful and has a large memory chip that is able to process many different kinds and sizes of images simultaneously without shutting down.

The thing to consider when thinking about digital cameras these days is not what is going on with the lens. Lenses and bodies are totally different parts of the camera and need to be considered separately. The lens is what is responsible for the magnification and the size of the image that you are going to shoot. The lens is what gives you a zoom factor and also what gives you the size of the photo feel that you are shooting. But the body is what contains the chip which is responsible for processing the light that comes in through the lenses and for processing that light information into digital information. The light sensor on the Canon is both extremely sensitive and extremely powerful. This means that this camera is able to shoot and capture images and even very low light like dusk. When most cameras would blur and require secondary lighting or a flash in order to capture images and this little white scenario.

However the Canon’s patented sensor is so powerful that it is able to input even this minor amount of light information and make it into something that looks as vibrant and beautiful and rich. The quality of the image has to be of the utmost importance whether you are shooting professionally for a job or you are shooting for yourself. And the Canon retails for over $1,000 when it is new and this is only for people who are very serious about photography. If you just want to have a good looking snapshot then the camera in your phone is probably powerful enough and the sensor sensitive enough to process the information needed for this task. But if you want to take your photography to the next level then you should consider the Canon as it is extremely sensitive and we’ll deliver beautiful images reliably time and time again. I have taken with this camera on many different journeys and have brought it to many different jobs. It has never failed me and never let me down and it is my go-to camera for all situations. On one specific job that I had I was hired to shoot a wedding for two friends of mine. The wedding was in a barn and the reception occurred around Sunset. The wedding was outdoors and so there was no artificial light. But the Canon had a beautiful glow to all the images provided by the oil life sensor.

HD Cameras

When it comes to taking photography or making a movie of some sorts things have gotten a lot easier than how they used to be when everyone was shooting on film, and now that everyone has pretty much made the transition into digital photography and video making that has opened up an entirely new market into cameras and the things that normal consumer people can do with a camera, and it definitely is very remarkable because now everyone is able to shoot HD videos and also are able to do things that would otherwise be very difficult to do using a film camera while using a DSLR, and I think the list could go on and on about how digital cameras are changing the world of photography in general in good and bad ways, but of course now that pretty much everyone is able to shoot professional quality pictures that means that the standard for professional photography has definitely be raised to a much higher degree and that is pretty much what has happened through the world in general in recent years, but of course some digital cameras are better than others, and what we are going to be doing throughout all of these articles talking about some of the best cameras today.

I know we could go and talk about RED Epic cameras and Arri Alexa cameras and things that are used on huge Hollywood productions, and I think we might start talking about those types of cameras in some of our latter articles, but for this particular article we are going to focus on cameras that are the best today and also affordable for normal people to purchase. We figured that you might be interested in learning about some of the camera equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars because it is really cool, but we also thought it would help you out a lot to know about some of the best cameras today that you could actually buy and get a lot of use out of. So if you are the type of person who is really into photography and looking to upgrade to a better camera then you definitely came to the right spot online because all of these articles and blogs on this site are going to be about the best cameras out today, and that means that we are going to be talking about some seriously epic equipment, but of course we also will be talking about some affordable cameras as well, so let’s get right to it and start talking about the best cameras today.

So the first camera that we are going to be talking about in this list of articles is the Sony A7R II, and this camera is definitely very innovative and is actually one of the only DSLR cameras that can be converted through using a really expensive monitor to shoot in 4K resolution, and I think that for the most part we have to consider the facts that Sony is coming out with bigger and better content in general and I know that we are going to need to figure out better cameras to compete with Sony in the future, but the Japanese country is definitely starting to take over and make the best affordable cameras on the market and the A7R II is just the newest and best to come from Sony, and what is awesome is that this camera literally doesn’t have any mirrors in it, and that in itself is actually really impressive and sets this camera apart from all the other cameras in its price range, and as everyone knows that when this type of camera also has a full frame sensor size that is 42.2 Mp that you are going to get really great quality out of the type of pictures you can get with this camera, and of course shooting in 4K is starting to become the standard for movie making and the A7R II is probably one of the only DSLRs in the world that can shoot at that high of a resolution which is actually really remarkable and innovative in the field entirely on its own, which is very exciting.